Friday, December 16, 2011

A new friend

I have been working hard, nose down to the grindstone the last couple of weeks, trying to make sure that I have enough stock for markets and shops.

Yesterday and today I made the front page of Etsy. Crikeys! I didn't get a load of orders but in my excitement, I frantically took photos of these banners and any stock I had lying around the place. They are a bit dodgy, but will do until next week. I just needed to get them into my shop for the hundreds of new lookers. Being on the front page of Etsy is like have busloads of cashed up tourists visit.

I did these banners last year, and realised they must have gone alright...because, I didn't have any stock left! So I made a few more, and lo and behold, I sold two within the first ten minutes at the BrisStyle Market. Are the gods telling me something?

Now, a little digression here. I thought I would show you our newest  friendly native animal. We had a koala last month, now we are blessed with a diamond python.

He (or she) is living in the chook house, which is great because the rats converge there for any left over scraps. These guys are the best for rat and mice control. However, we think that maybe we didn't have enough vermin to fill Ms Snake's belly, as one of our chooks took very poorly, and then died. We have a theory that Ms Snake had her eye on the chook as her next meal. The pythons squeeze their prey and they devour them whole. Or...maybe the chook was just old.

I have to be careful when I enter the chook shed now, as she lives directly above the door. I am sure this is all bringing back wonderful memories to my sis who was scared s******* by another python when she visited a few years ago. The snake that we had in residence then was a full three metres long and just happened to reside outside her bedroom door in the courtyard. Ha, the look on her face when she saw it curled up, above her head! Priceless!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas cushions

I have been attempting to finish off half finished projects so that I can take them up to the BiDM market next week. Today I found these cushions...I had completely forgotten about on the bottom of a rather big 'to-do' pile. I am on a roll, so these pics have been taken very quickly.

I have also been working on another, but whilst the first three were a breeze, with everything sewing nicely, this next one  (which is my fave) has got the mean reds in it. I think the ghost of my dead mother is telling me not to sell it 'cos he is so lovely.

First the zip was wrong, then I realised that the back was too small, then the pom pom trim gave me grief  and now the final seam just isn't sitting correctly. I shall have to start over I think. I know it is just a square, with a bit of trim, but sometimes these cushions can send me to the asylum!

Keep a  look out for more, particularly floral and birdee cushions. I am a Woman on a Misssion!

I always seem to be a day late linking up with memes. I am playing with the gals at Our Creative Space today. Better late than never!


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