Friday, November 18, 2011

Qantas V Jet = classic style

Qantas has been in the news quite a bit lately, for bad and for good. I saw that Qantas ambassador John Travolta had flown in to Australia in his classic jet that was described as painted in the V-jet style. It was a gorgeous looking plane, with  shiny wings and  the epitome of retro. Just the kind I would like to park out in my paddock.

By chance I acquired this classic Little Golden Book on the weekend. It is an Australian edition of a Little Golden Activity Book called 'Gorden's Jet Flight', 1963. The American edition published in 1961 had the same title, and featured the 707 Astrojet by American Airlines. The Aussie edition, published 1963, featured the V-jet 707 that was flown by Qantas.

As far as I can gather, the V-jet  was a  707 modified with turbo fans, The 'V' originating for the Latin 'vannus' meaning fan.

It is just so special finding Aussie Little Golden Books. However, the story is quite generic, with no places named. You don't know where Gordon or his grandmother lives. You assume that Gordon lives in Australia and is visiting gran overseas. Quite odd that they undertake an overseas trip with one days notice...oh well it was the sixties. Wonderful things could happen in the sixties! Especially when you had shiny V-jets at your service!

It would have been fabulous if this book featured  TAA, and the Junior Flyers Club. I desperately wanted to  be a member as a child, and get a pin and a bag, but it never happened. Why not? It was the highlight of my day? Maybe only special, privileged children who lived in leafy green suburbs got to join. After all, they were the ones who were flying.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome Home!

I have been screen printing a few special hessian banners orders during the last couple of days. Geez, the heat! Please excuse the pic, it was taken at just before I jumped in the car to make sure I made the last post of the day.

This and my other banners can currently be purchased from my Made It store, and by the end of the week my Blue Caravan store. I am also in the process of creating a Facebook store as I have found, much to my surprise and befuddlement,  that people are quite happy to order through your Facebook page.! Yes, I am converted, I have seen the light!

To celebrate my acceptance of  "The Facebook" on "The Interweb" I will be having a giveaway this week. Firstly, I will have to stalk other 'giveaway' people to see how it is done. There is some special random picker that many use. Oh, so much to do, so little toime!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am not really a shabby I?

You know, it's funny. I adore minimalism, clean lines, mid century design, graphic 'real' art attests to that, but...when I am making my stuff for the markets, a little shabby chick emerges. (Get it....shabby chic, shabby  chick? My only excuse for such a lame joke is the heat. Ye gods! I am frying here!)

Anyhoo, I just finished off a whole lot of my Vintage Dictionary Prints today, for the BiEco market on Saturday. I don't think I have ever shown you guys these. I only do them for markets as postage would be too expensive.

I always try and relate the page somehow to the image. This feather is on a page with the word "quill."

I don't know who this Shabby Chick is...maybe one of my 'personalities' like Sybil or Tara. I think I shall call her Joelene ('cos I just saw Dolly Parton on telly and I think she is fabulous!)

Pop over to see other creative projects here

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being completely 'obsessive' about paper

I have developed quite an obsession for Little Golden Books. With the Christmas orders coming in, I have found one of my most popular buntings is The Christmas Story, with pics by my favourite illustrator Eloise Wilkins. But although you try and collect books throughout the never seem to have enough  of some particular books.

I thought outside the box and was looking through a  box of  religous books when I found this. It is a Golden Pleasure Book, printed in Czechoslovakia, 1952. It is the same as the Little Golden Book version, except one page (two illustrations) are missing. I am not sure of the company...was it the English version of Little Golden Books I wonder?

And here is the gist. It is 60 years old and the paper is that lovely thick cardy, fabricy, paper that seems to absorb the inks and makes them all saturated looking. Look at the difference in a newer illustration and the original. (Well, you can't really see much on the computer screen, I admit, but when you seen them in real life, an obsessive person like me can get all gooey and weak at the knees!)

I read somewhere that the US has legislation in place to ban children's books prior to 1980 or so, as the ink contains high levels of lead. I used this excuse when I cut up the book. It is just so special, that it belongs on the wall!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Custom hessian banners

My hessian banners are proving quite popular indeedy.

As well as my stock that I carry, Mr & Mrs, Just Married, We Do etc. I do custom orders.

Most are for weddings and engagements, but there seems to be a smattering of other special occasions creeping in and special little "in' jokes.

I am being very good, and am allocating a special time to complete custom orders as the screen printing process is very messy. (well for me it is.... I get paint in my ears, all over my clothes...everywhere) If you would like to order one of my banners, pop on over to my Made It shop.

Custom orders are printed on Mondays, so I will need  the order and payment by Sunday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Koala comes to visit

We have had a lot of wildlife around our place recently, more so since our dog died...but today took the pip! I was busy working on my computer in my studio when I heard a clip, clip, clip sound behind me. I realised that I had forgotten to close the screen door, and thought a water dragon (lizard) was coming to visit.

Imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw one of the most beautiful koalas I have ever seen, padding around on our timber floor. This is the first time we have seen a koala on our property, and we have lived here 16 years. I have never heard of koalas coming indoors to visit! He/she had the sweetest little face and was light grey in colour, with a white bum. I think from the fur he/she is quite juvenile. It was still soft and fluffy looking. The planting of all of those trees has certainly paid off!

I tried to yell for my husband to look, but the poor little thing took fright and ran (very quickly) for the nearest gum. I grabbed my camera, but wasn't able to take many quality pics. My heart is warmed, and I thank god that I was magnanimous today to put some money in the Save the Koala fund at the markets!

Segue to these Aussie souvenir cushions. I love these, and got the middle one today! One of my earliest memories is a Sydney Harbour Bridge cushion given to us by my godparents in the early 60's. I used to look at the glitter on the Harbour Bridge, and run my hands over the velvet and think it was one of the most beautiful objects in the world. I adored that cushion! Years later, I would stand by a window in Balmain, and just gaze at the Harbour Bridge remembering that cushion. It is weird how intense our early memories are....and that is why I obsessively buy these Australiana cushions whenever I get a chance!

And...for that reason I make my tea towel re-purposed is my little nostalgic trip .

I am playing with ATG today and Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.


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