Friday, November 18, 2011

Qantas V Jet = classic style

Qantas has been in the news quite a bit lately, for bad and for good. I saw that Qantas ambassador John Travolta had flown in to Australia in his classic jet that was described as painted in the V-jet style. It was a gorgeous looking plane, with  shiny wings and  the epitome of retro. Just the kind I would like to park out in my paddock.

By chance I acquired this classic Little Golden Book on the weekend. It is an Australian edition of a Little Golden Activity Book called 'Gorden's Jet Flight', 1963. The American edition published in 1961 had the same title, and featured the 707 Astrojet by American Airlines. The Aussie edition, published 1963, featured the V-jet 707 that was flown by Qantas.

As far as I can gather, the V-jet  was a  707 modified with turbo fans, The 'V' originating for the Latin 'vannus' meaning fan.

It is just so special finding Aussie Little Golden Books. However, the story is quite generic, with no places named. You don't know where Gordon or his grandmother lives. You assume that Gordon lives in Australia and is visiting gran overseas. Quite odd that they undertake an overseas trip with one days notice...oh well it was the sixties. Wonderful things could happen in the sixties! Especially when you had shiny V-jets at your service!

It would have been fabulous if this book featured  TAA, and the Junior Flyers Club. I desperately wanted to  be a member as a child, and get a pin and a bag, but it never happened. Why not? It was the highlight of my day? Maybe only special, privileged children who lived in leafy green suburbs got to join. After all, they were the ones who were flying.


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