Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas cushions

I have been attempting to finish off half finished projects so that I can take them up to the BiDM market next week. Today I found these cushions...I had completely forgotten about on the bottom of a rather big 'to-do' pile. I am on a roll, so these pics have been taken very quickly.

I have also been working on another, but whilst the first three were a breeze, with everything sewing nicely, this next one  (which is my fave) has got the mean reds in it. I think the ghost of my dead mother is telling me not to sell it 'cos he is so lovely.

First the zip was wrong, then I realised that the back was too small, then the pom pom trim gave me grief  and now the final seam just isn't sitting correctly. I shall have to start over I think. I know it is just a square, with a bit of trim, but sometimes these cushions can send me to the asylum!

Keep a  look out for more, particularly floral and birdee cushions. I am a Woman on a Misssion!

I always seem to be a day late linking up with memes. I am playing with the gals at Our Creative Space today. Better late than never!


  1. The cockatoo and kookaburra are my faves too even if the 'mean reds' are present.

    Hoping all goes well and you sort out the kinks.

    Happy day!

  2. Love your cushions.
    I too have made a couple of teatowel cushions of late. x

  3. The black cockatoo and kookaburra are gorgeous, well they all are really...maybe I should say those two are particularly gorgeous...

    p.s. if I was you I'd listen to your Mum and keep the kookaburra Nick x

  4. You know I love 'em. I wouldn't be able to part with any!



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