Sunday, April 1, 2012


To continue on my current cake decorating obsession, I picked up this Tala Icing Set from the oppy last week. I love the old icing syringe. It looks like some Victorian immunisation device.

The set came complete with a foldout booklet, and a cutting from a newspaper, circa 1962, Around the House with Susan Worth, addressing the storage of winter woollens. Funny that the cutting was about cleaning rather than cooking. I expected a brilliant cake recipe.

Anyhoo, I am going to get started on my flower decorations today. At I haven't any cutters etc, I will have to make them up, so have decided to begin with a very simple flower, the Frangipani...this may be interesting!

Playing with Sophie today.


  1. You're getting sucked in to the blogging vortex again, aren't you Nick...

    I've got a little Tala icing set too, but the only decorating I'm up to is painting a kitchen cabinet!

    Goodluck with your frangipanis x

  2. What a great find, I love the old box. Can't wait to see your flowers.

  3. Oooo i love something that comes in original packaging!! Beaut find.

  4. What a find! Packaging is so dull these days (yours is the exception of course).
    I have zero patience for such things as cake decorating, but can imagine buying that if I saw it.



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