Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm a winner!

I don't win lots and lots of things, but I do win some stuff now and again. You after all have to be in it to win it...though that million dollar lottery haul seems to evade me!

The book Nomad, by Sibella Court,  was won from the girls at  Paper Runway. It is inspired by her travels (she travels alot) and is quite glorious.  I love her little ways of gathering collections and her use of paper in her stylings of her tableaux. It is very theatrical, a tool used to inspire creativity in your own home, rather than slavishly follow.  It is a reason why I am drawn to them...they are so damn fabulous and go beyond the practical.

Every now and again I get a little smug, when I discover little bits and pieces I have found around the traps are being featured in mags and books. My little piece of smugness today is the ink bottles I found in the RSPCA shop. (and paid nix for!) Similar vessels are featured in the new Inside Out.

And for Kylie, you darlin' can be smug, 'cos there is a donkey and cart featured in the Nomad book...I know you featured them yesterday.

These little bits of smugness mean I have a valid place in the universe and that I exist! (For those who don't know my sense of humour, I am being wry and ironic)


  1. those photos are awesome! i love the layered school maps!

  2. well I always did want to be one of the cool girls...

  3. Me again...just had a thought, maybe I should lug mine inside and plonk him on the dining table. What d'ya reckon, would that make me really really cool, or just a try-hard?

  4. Few things in life better than a win I've always thought. Looks like a great book, but we already knew you and Kylie were doyennes of style!

  5. Well done for having your stylishness confirmed! Some people have such a knack for displaying and styling, you and Kylie sure have got it.
    When I try to artfully display items, it doesn't work.
    Hope your lucky winning streak continues.



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