Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Hol's are over

Well, I am back blogging. The last six months have been really busy and I have been working pretty much full time with my shops. Who would have thunk that so many people would want my 'stuff'? It still boggles the mind that I make things, and people buy them.

Rather than go on and on about what has been happening (that's the past baby...move on!) I will start anew, as if I haven't even been away...and show you my fabulous new bag (modelled by Daisy, the Formomatic Dummy).

Made by The Cambridge Satchel Company in the UK, I received it within 10 days of purchase, which is pretty damn good, considering it had to be customised as well. It takes longer for a letter to reach my husband over in WA.

It is a doozy! I got my initials engraved as well, (no, they don't stand for New Zealand) and it is like a real Enid Blyton, Famous Five/Secret Seven/Enchanted Wood type bag, that one would put a jam sandwich in, and then bound off, with reckless abandon, for an adventure!

Which is just what I intend to do. It is going with me on a splendid adventure to Italy and Croatia in two weeks time.

I will be recording our odyssey in minute detail...but that is the good thing about blogs, they remain as a record of your life.


  1. Hello stranger, I love your satchel (have you got a hockey stick to go with it?) I am reading "Five Run Away Together" at the mo, so I'm all over tuck boxes, plimsoles and hockey sticks! Nice to see you here again Nick, glad to read business is booming and that you're going on hols soon x

  2. Welcome back Nic! I bought a bag like yours years ago, probably with the same dreamy ideas in my head as yours. But mine is nowhere near as flash and shiny as yours and i think it's in the kids "dress-up" box...and they're not kids anymore. I'm envious of your travel plans and your success at doing what you love doing. xxhugs

    1. Hey Narelle,
      I completely forgot that I had written this and therefore never checked on comments. My bad!
      Travel isn't that crash hot...there is no place like home!



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