Monday, November 1, 2010

Auction madness

I have had awful internet over the past week from it being so slow it was like 1992,  until it finally dropped out on Saturday. The household developed an anxiety complex as we couldn't check our emails or blogs. I felt so isolated and alone! (said in a small, plaintive and utterly pitiful voice)

Anyhoo, Sparky finally had a couple of days off and started cleaning up around the place. We have accrued so many things over the years, and don't like throwing anything away. A typical bower bird mentality. However, it seems that even though I have good intentions, those clean, empty spaces just have to be filled.

I went  to a deseased estate auction last Thursday hoping for a bounty, however, every antique and secondhand dealer on the North Coast was present. I didn't have a chance, particularly against Heath from Heaths Collectibles in Bangalow. Damn him! I lost out on everything I bid against him. Prices are so high in Bangalow even the crappy clothes basket trolley I wanted will sell for fifty bucks...and we won't mention the gorgeous world globe that I didn't even have a look in.

I had my eye on a couple of lamps but to get them I had to buy all the furniture in the lounge room. That's right. A lounge suite,  and two coffee tables to get two lamps. Am I crazy! I will answer that question for you, dear reader. Yes, I am crazy!!! I don't need a lounge suite, two coffee tables and even the two lamps that I bid on. The lounge suite, while not classic, has some groovy side tables that fold up on both sides...but smells to high heaven!

There is a kidney shaped table that isn't that needs a bit of TLC...I thought it was a1970's knockoff, but I have just found (when photographing it) that it was made in 1954. There is a considerate stamp on the underside.

The trailer load full of puchases is currently sitting out in the courtyard waiting for Godot.

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  1. Blimey girl, you went bonkers that's for sure! Love the lamps and the suite looks good. What are you going to do about the smell?!! What does it smell of?



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