Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Punkin Head, Punkin Head

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia, but I have had such a visual overload of items from Etsy, that my daughter and I were inspired (at last) to  make a scarecrow for my garden. Let me introduce you to Punkin Head.

He is now living in my asparagus patch and looking out for any bad ju-ju in the garden.

I reckon he looks brilliant, a sinister and creepy and somehow innocent, with his big bulbous head.

We have just fenced the orchard and vegetable garden completely. The geese from next door and my chooks were destroying my veges as soon as I put seed or seedling in the ground.

Although I had to wait until the fence was up to begin my gardening again, I must have planted at just the right time last winter. We are enjoying an abundance of potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, broad beans, rhubarb and carrots.

I picked the last of the oranges on one tree (we have four!)  to juice, and found some ginger that I had forgotten that I planted. Add to that the three grapefuit and two lemon trees and a lime, and I have not excuse if I develop scurvy!

We are going to double the amount of garden beds in the next couple of months. Money can't pay for the thrill you get from going to the garden everyday and harvesting the produce! (particularly long, straight carrots) It is sacrilege to throw away your own grown food. You realise how much work goes into creating it and so you are forced to eat seasonally and treat it more respectfully.

As usual my internet is playing has taken an hour to load this. Some days I have to restart the controller thingy ten times! Some days I can't even access this page, let alone log in! I am trying to leave comments but sometimes it is just too frustrating! So please bear with me if I don't reply to any comments for a wee while...I am visiting you in spirit!


  1. Your beautiful vegie patches puts mine to shame Nick. Its entire sum probably equals just one of your patches! What a garden you have! We are eating lots of asparagus at the moment. Stinky wee-wees but yum. I love your scarecrow he is indeed scary.
    I wonder if you can even read your comments, can you?
    Take care, til next time x

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your vege patch pictures with us. I just planted a whole bunch of seeds and am now feeling especially inspired. I have been thinking about a scarecrow, might have to make one soon as well so our urban backyard can look even more out of place!!!! Your carrots are AMAZING!!!!! No need to tell you to enjoy them, am sure you will do just that.
    ~ melania

  3. I want a veg patch, I do not want a scarecrow though! I'd have nightmares about him coming into the house in the evening and loitering freakishly. Whatever that means.

  4. ...the axe blade glistened as the moon's light poured in through the open window. "I can't do it!" she screamed.
    "I can't decapitate him"
    Punkin head suddenly looked pathetic and forlorn as she got close.
    "Come here, you little squash-headed buffoon - gimme a cuddle!"



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