Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been missing in action for nigh on a fortnight now...the longest time that I haven't blogged for yonks. To tell you the truth it freed up a lot of time to make 'things' but also I missed out on a lot of structured actually getting off my bum and photographing my flea mark finds and then loading them into my store. Instead they have been thrown onto the scary pile in my studio, that I am ashamed to say (whisper) has reached the top of my head.

Anyhoo, where to start. I will pick two objects to show and tell. The first is a book of Bambi. I always knew that Bambi was a book, but in all my years, (and there are many) I have never seen a copy. This is a 1950s edition. I did a bit of stalking on the author, Felix Slaten and found that in addition to writing this children's classic, he also is credited to penning a lovely little bit of erotic literature, Josephine Mutzenbacher that I think is still banned  in Germany today!  I think I will have a read of Bambi and see if there is any animal erotica hapening! Of course he was handsomely reimbursed for the rights of the massive amount of $1000.

Second in my show and tell are these fabulous tins. I got these (and more) from an auction a few months back. The others are on the bottom of my pile and I just couldn't get the energy up to dig them out.
I have put Bambi in my Laughing Duck Vintage shop, but the tins are staying home so that I can squirrel away fabulous little bits and pieces, that will never see the light of day again...except maybe at my deseased estate auction!.

Oh, and for a bit of cross advertising,  I am happy to say that my Little Golden Book banners are included in a couple of publications this month. One, is the lovely Peppermint where a couple of my banners are draped across the children's page and the other is an online mag called My Little Jedi.
And peoples, they are not just for the kiddies! On no! I just found this pic whilst perusing through the squillions of images on my computer It was taken last year at the Rock 'n' Roll Market at Tempe. A young woman bought a Rainbow Brite banner from me. I assumed that it was for a niece or friends child...but no, it was for her personally. She was obsessed with Rainbow Brite, so much so, that her whole back was a tattooed Rainbow Brite wonderland! Pretty fabulous!

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  1. I love Bambi - that is a beautiful book cover. I have never met anyone who knows about Rainbow Brite - how cool is that tattoo!

  2. The banners are lovely and deserve all the attention! :)

    And, wow!, the Bambi book is fabulous!

  3. V.nice to see one of my favourite blogger's back in action...gorgeous tins - especially the koala.
    Nice too that Peppermint/My Little Jedi have shone the spotlight on your beautiful banners: the original AND the best!
    Now to google "Josephine"...

  4. cool book find! i saw your banners in peppermint, very lovely.

  5. Your banners are gorgeous, I'm not surprised people are mentioning them. Really beautiful tins, you did make me laugh about the estate sale comment though!

  6. Love the Bambi pics - so cute! Your banners are fantastic.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger



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