Thursday, September 8, 2011

Horrockses Heaven

You know, I really am slow on the uptake! I would love to pride myself on being 'on trend' with my finger on the pulse of all that is 'happening maaan' but I seem to be impervious to everything around me. Looking back, I have always been like this. It was my sister who always picked those trendy, must have items of the week. Things like striped  knitted socks with individual toes, tennis wristbands, permed hair and the perfect top from Witchery or Katies.

Vintage Chic
I realised this when I listed a Horrockses dress in my Laughing Duck Vintage shop. I knew who Horrockses were, I have coveted this book for a long time, but it wasn't until tonight that I realised that they had been reinvented as a homewares brand at the beginning of the year with inspiration,  their dresses. Where was I when this happened? It seems to have been on all of the design blogs. But I in my typical unfocused manner has tripped vaguely by, seeing nothing but the castles in my head.

Well, now I am well and truly obsessed. I ordered the book from Amazon. (I love online shopping!) and I think I will keep the dress that I had listed in my Laughing Duck Vintage Shop. (I can lose weight but I can't replace that dress if it is gone)

This is mine! Mine!

The Womens Room
V & A shop 

I could go on forever pasting pictures and trawling the 'interweb', obsessing over every little detail of every little dress, but I had better stop there. I will hang up my Horrockses and begin my diet.


  1. I am glad your keeping it I wouldnt part with it eiether.I LOve love love the dress 2nd pic down.

  2. Yes keep it!! These are the dresses i have been making and trying to sell ha ha. I adore wearing them too.

  3. Oh Nick - it's a beauty. I love Horrockses dresses - definitely one to hang onto and ditch the chocolate digestives for! Or even just have it on display - I'm properly jealous.

  4. I'd never heard if these dresses. Now, I feel I need one.



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