Friday, August 26, 2011

Frock on a Friday

I should be getting stock ready for the Bangalow Markets on Saturday...but true to form...I have become distracted by pretty pretty things, namely vintage clothing. I thought I would take time out from making banners to do a bit of photography and finally post a Frock on Friday. This pink sundress has a matching belt and bolero. All have the original labels and it is a size 16 vintage...however it just fits onto my size 12 Daisy...curious!.
These are going to go into my Laughing Duck Vintage Etsy shop. (hopefully tonight) I would love to say that I have found these in a local op-shop (just imagine if that happened girls!) but I am listing them for a friend. They are not cheap, but I will give it a go.
This is a Horrockses, size 18! I nearly had a coronary when I saw it. It was perfect...except that I have been packing on the old kilos in the last year and I looked like a big hephalump!
This is an unworn, unwashed vintage fifties dressing gown. Gorgeous fabric! Very Blondie Bumstead!
This house dress has a zip that stops just shy of the hem. Great fabric, great collar, great dress. It, also is larger size, but I have cinched it at the waist.

If anyone is local...come and visit me at the Bangalow Markets on Sunday. I am up in the Moller Pavilion. It is the big shed  above the carpark where you can buy tea and scones.


  1. Love the blue dress - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. those outfits are just gorgeous wish they were mine.Many of the old sizes are smaller than the size makes them seem.

  3. Those dresses are divine. I would fall over if I ever found one of these in a oppie!

    E :)



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