Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea towel bunting

We had a bit of a celebration on the weekend, and to mark it, I finally made some bunting  from my tea towel collection. I first saw this done in one of those new craft sewing books and then at Cottage Industry in Melbourne.
I think they look gay (as in jolly) without being too Kath Kidson twee. ( I am beginning to used words such as 'grand', 'jolly' and 'gay' on  a regular basis, as if I am reliving an old Mallory Towers dream.)
It is such a relief to whittle down my pile of tea towels. Only the daggy ones were used, such as the lawn bowls centenary, bad poems about dunnies and swagmen, and used and faded towels. In all there are 96 flags and untold metres. I thought it would take an hour to make them. Mmmm. It didn't!


  1. Very effective - splendid indeed. So jealous of the blue sky.

  2. jolly hockey sticks!! your Bunting is bloomin' marvelous, what ho!

  3. Looks great!
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Ha, I am stalking some Malory Towers books on Ebay at the moment - feeling nostalgic. I love the bunting - 'daggy' still pegs you as an Australian - and I adore your outside space, looks really festive and tropical.

  5. Teatowels AND bunting - 2 of my favourite things ever. They jolly spiffing, old girl.

  6. I love these. What a great way to repurpose stained towels.



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