Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Buntings and New Patterns

I have been a busy little duck today , making more buntings for Collecting Feathers shop and uploading some Weigel's patterns to my Laughing Duck Vintage Store.

First things first. I will try not to be too boring...it is a sad fact that this blog is used to 'flog my wares' as well as document my life.
You've seen the musical, now experience the bunting! Mary Poppins, 1964 edition.
Okay, it is Sleeping Beauty, you mutter. Not really. A delicious 1961 edition. That is fifty years old, peoples! Confirmed from the Baptist Sunday School inscription on the front cover. The colours are gorgeous! The best I have seen. I think it is due to the lead in the inks and maybe the different paper. (Do not let the kids lick the paper!)
A jolly time was had by all with five consecutive birthday parties given by Raggedy Ann and Andy. They ended up eating apples and flying kites, learning the valuable lesson of  'everything in moderation.'
Peter Pan and Wendy. Again, lovely colours. I didn't document the date of this one. I have finally done a banner of this book in the larger pennant shape.
Bambi...what can you say. I think the illustrator who drew Bambi was a genius. Warms the cockles of my heart.
And now some equally cute patterns. I have already shown you these so I will just include a couple. I listed some last night and they sold immediately. Crikeys! Usually an indication that I have listed too cheaply. Aka my first pattern that was (apparently) worth as least $50 and I sold for $5. I also got the postage wrong and ended up losing on the whole transaction.


  1. I love the Disney buntings. The buntings really showcase the excellent artwork.

  2. This bunting is so vibrant and beautiful. I have that R-A and A birthday book and we read it every time one of the kids has a birthday. It would make a gorgeous party bunting, but could I cut it up? So hard to cut up books! ;0) I laughed about your man cave dilemma, really understand where you're coming from!

  3. These are really great and so creative!



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