Saturday, August 13, 2011

Man Cave, Man Cave, Man Cave

I am always on the lookout for furnishings for my husband's room. I call it the 'Man Cave' but he has told me not to call it that anymore because it makes him sound gay, stupid, metrosexual... who knows what else is in his man mind? (I just got this home, so haven't even dusted it)
 As I am by nature very contrary, I  thought I would show you some" man cave" items that I have found for his "Man Cave."  Initially, I wasn't sure of this Man Cave lamp. It is actually originally an industrial heat lamp from Lismore Base Hospital. Good for ricketty Man Cavey legs. It is a bit dented, but should be able to be reshaped and Sparky being an electrician should be able to adapt it to a light. I thought it might be a bit too industrial and battered, but as those two words pretty much describe my is a perfect fit.
Now, tapestry in a Man Cave? It shouldn't work, but if the subject is a bucking can you go wrong?!?
When Sparky first saw this he blanched, but I think he has come around. Now all we need is  a comfortable seat. We currently have a couple of old club chairs that are a bit hard on the back. He wants some kind of Lazy-Boy recliner ...I want an Eames replica. I know it is his Man Cave but...I think I have to draw a line at the recliner. Not in my house, no way, no how! They are so ugly! I have even tried to interest him in cool 70's recliners...but no...not comfortable enough.

Father's day is done and dusted in this house...he is happy with the lamp...and I am off to make a "Man Cave" sign for his door, that should be the icing on the cake!

Playing with Sophie  ans Mod Vintage.


  1. icing on the cake alright!! Tell him if you stop calling it the Man Cave, it'll have to be the Old Mans Hideout.

  2. curiouser and husband has been after a recliner for ages too! there is NO WAY I will allow him to bring one of THOSE UGLY THINGS into my (!) house! I wanted to buy him an Eames recliner (replica, not real) for his birthday last year but he said that it wasn't comfortable ENOUGH. Jeez! What's a good wifey to do? Give him a Jason? Never!

    I love the heat lamp to bits Nick and the little cowboy tapestry is cute too.

  3. Tell him he is lucky that he has a lovely lady who is making his Man Cave so nice.I reckon if you do go a modern recliner just find some retro fabric to cover it in then you both

  4. Love the cowboy tapestry - very unusual!
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I wish I had room for a man cave, I wouldn't care about the decor.
    Love the lamp as it is, I'm a sucker for industrial, functional looking accessories. I'm very heavy handed, so like tough things. My stair carpet is a remnant from a nursing home and is bleach-proof, the blinds were ordered from a supplier to offices and factories. I should have been a man.

  6. husband might want to ask himself if cave does sound so gay after all.... ha ha ha....
    well, the finds are just too good... and the bronco could only fit a man, really.
    a man, i'm saying... ;)))

  7. I love it! That buckin' bronco is not my usual stylem, but yeah. I like it.

  8. Love that industrial light! Only a manly man could handle a light like that. LOL! My hubby is an engineer. I put an old level and folding ruler that I had picked up at a yard sale in his office. I don't think he loved it half as much as I did. Oh well, it's still there. At least he didn't take it out. Us girls gotta give our man a bit of style, right? Now following you.

  9. A very manly cave indeed! I love the tapestry a great way to jazz up a room!

    e :)



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