Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scrap metal merchant

Again, here is but a snippet of my finds this week. Lots of scrap metal (more than you can imagine!) I  am sure that I was a Tinker in a previous life.
 I went to an auction on Thursday where there was quite a good collection of old irons. I have always been obsessed with the tools of trade of women. These irons weren't for the weak! I had to lug all three of them up a hill and through a paddock of recently slashed lantana. It felt like I was on the Worlds Biggest Loser. I nearly had a coronary!
 I haven't cleaned them yet so excuse their appearance 

I love their sculptural nature. To me, they are very beautiful. They combine form and function. I am currently perusing this site for their histories. It is US, but it will get me started.
 More metal, these children chairs. 
 Why am I collecting children's chairs do you ask when my babies are all grown up. I can't answer that question. Maybe I am looking back. With the kidlings not needing me anymore, I have reached a milestone and am re-evaluating my life. Maybe it is my way of hanging onto memories. Maybe I just like chairs...maybe I am just obsessed with scrap metal!Regardless, I have got the thrill of buying them...I will sell them on next week and take them into Adam at Carrington Street Antiques.

I have also been up late re-stocking my Laughing Duck Vintage Shop with this weeks finds.
 I really like this scarf. It is so Grace Kelly Riviera. I tried to do a casual elegant shot, but I am afraid I get bored. If it doesn't work in five shots...I move on.
 This little World of Suzie Wong beaded Hong Kong bag is cute.
And I will be putting this gorgeous wool 50's coat up tonight. I found it yesterday at Vinnies, and while more expensive than normal, it was worth it. It is in excellent condition. I nearly wept when I found it. Of course it is too small for me, about a size 10 or 12.
It is beautifully constructed with wonderful detail, front and back
And as usual, I love the labels. I am wondering if it was a sample. There looks to be a name which I can't make out. If anyone has an idea of the meaning of the SSW label, I would love to know...I am still on a learning curve. I assume it is order no. or style no. 333, I am thinking the M stands for 'maker 'and it was Pat. F could be 'finisher'??

As usual I am playing with Sophie.


  1. what an interesting mix of finds. my favourite..the red childrens chairs.

  2. hey Nick I love your irons (just the way they are, don't clean them up too much) Next time I whinge about the ironing I'll conjur up images of all the tougher women who came before me...and not that long ago Nan had an iron exactly like the second one (which we use as a doorstop)
    I love the kiddie chairs and would've bought them too if I found them x

  3. Love your finds especially that coat!

    E :)

  4. love the Irons, my friend and her hubby collect them, seriously, they have 100s your 1st one is fueled by kero, the middle one is a Mrs.Potts, heated on a stove, and the last one is one you open and pop HotCoals from the fire into... hard work indeed.
    SSW on the Coat is the size, (pre 1970s) SSW was Small Small Womens, SW was Small Womens, W was Womens.. today S, M or L
    see it pays to know Older Ladies, we have some of the answers. LOL♥

  5. Really love the irons! My mum has quite a bunch of them. Total treasures and you can now say you have had your workout for the week!

  6. i love those red children's chairs. and that third iron down is really beautiful!

  7. My kids are grown and on their own as well but I am often attracted to children's items. Not that I am in the market to be a granny soon...
    My own second (or fifth, sixth...) childhood?

  8. Those chairs are great! I am forbidden to buy chairs. My husband thinks I have a chair problem... ;)



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