Friday, August 5, 2011

One of these things is not like the other....

Spot the difference! I have been meaning to show you these images for a while now. "Cars and Trucks" is one of my most popular Little Golden Book vintage banners. It is also one of the books that was upgraded in the 70's to show less stereotypical role models.

One of the most iconic illustration by Richard Scarry, is the family in the colourful caravan, pre 1976. Mum looks as if she is a bit stressed, (she thought this was a holiday!) but Dad, complete with pipe is relaxed as anyone can be (wearing a bow tie on hols), and the boys are just being boys...playing with guns and axes and offending the Native American population.

Post 1976, new dad looks a bit sleazy to me, a bit Swingtown methinks. Unfortunately the 70's must have seen an increase of birth defects, because the kids look downright freaky! But, they are playing a very PC gender neutral game of baseball. Go team! And mum! Well she is on a very good wicket indeed. Go girl, go Women's Lib!  I wonder what book she is reading? Maybe The Omen.


  1. Love it Nick...the Richard Scarry illustration is superior in every way to the just plain scary 76 sucky version below it...I was actually thinking about how much fun I had playing cowboys and indians, pop gun in tow, the other day...oh the good old days...sigh

  2. I was going to say the older version is much nicer even before I read what you said lol Wonder what happened? A womans libber became the bos and got all hot under the collar and made them change it? We will never know.
    I just bought a LGB valuation book from Amazon since I have been finding so many lovely old ones lately.
    Hope you are well you mst be very busy xx

  3. This had me laughing out loud! It's a rare blog indeed that makes me laugh!!

    Ha! I'm still laughing! The Omen.

  4. Brilliant, though I feel a bit depressed. I'm caravanning this week and the 70's scene echoes my week far more accurately than the one with the gay male nanny sorting the kids out.

  5. great post! i love the creepy manny.



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