Friday, July 29, 2011

Huzzah! Huzzah!

The last couple of weeks, I haven't even been able to see a lot of blogs, let alone comment. The final crunch came when Explorer lost my list of blogs that I follow. I felt as if my arms had been cut off! My newest friend, Zara, gave me some good advice. "Switch to Chrome" said she. I thought I would give it a go,  and now I can see, I can speak! I feel like Helen Keller! (W..A..T..E..R!!!) I made the change...and now I am a new woman! (Disclaimer:I am not being paid by, nor do I own shares in Chrome)
Anyhoo, today I toddled off down to Bexhill Hall to a mini Vintage Fair held by Retro Mumma and including a couple of other vintage dealers from Lismore. I have been looking for an old school map to decorate my husbands 'man cave.' He was pretty apathetic about the idea but once he saw this map that Gina had saved for me he was sold! It is called Australian Explorer's and it is a doozy! It fits perfectly into the only bit of wall space, (the rest of the walls being used for storage of his CD's and war books)...and it is educational!
Look at that silly bugger in Western Australia. His name was Forrest. Looks like he walked around in circles! Couldn't see the forest from the trees (ha ha) except he was in the desert.

I also got a couple of old swap card books. I already have some early twentieth century and sixties matchbox collections here, that I have shown you before. I just revisited them again and ye gods, I had palpitations! I love them so much!
These new Swap Cards were made to swap specifically in the seventies.  I first saw them here on the Lark site. I never experienced these in my childhood, and so I couldn't go past these two books. I don't need them, they hold no emotional value to me...yet I had to have them! What is wrong with me!


  1. Your post made me laugh! I love buying things when you know you shouldn't and needn't, but somehow must.

    I've had a bad experience with The Lark. Their customer service is odd, to say the least.

  2. I dont need the swap cards either but Id have them tooi I love them!!

  3. Those swap cards are just gorgeous and to find them in an album even better! They can be quite expensive to buy these days.I remember having a few when we were kids, wish I had kept them.

  4. Hi Helen, I mean Nick...well things might be working at your end but I have just painstakingly typed out the most hilarious comment which did not get I've lost my mojo so all I'll say is love the map and the fact you're back x

    p.s. my husband is a military history buff too...pity we don't live closer...we could go op-shopping and they could talk war...

  5. Nick - the map looks FANTASTIC.... I am so so glad it has found a happy home... and the swap cards look amazing... thanks for sharing this with me (us) Gina (retromumma)

  6. Hahaha! You made me laugh out loud, glad you are back in blogland. Love the cards and esp love the comments on crome (still trying to work out what all the disclaimers on blogland are about!). Scarlett x

  7. Your going to have to get into the Byron op shopping sharpish- back on the 23rd, just a holiday (for now!). Cute swap card collection!

  8. We just named our 2 new goldfish Google and Chrome! Love the map, it looks great in the mancave x



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