Sunday, July 10, 2011

More and more vintage cushions

I have been very busy making stock this past week. I didn't want to get sidetracked blogging, or indeed touching the computer, as it is like a drug, and yes, 'man, like, I am like!'
I always have high expectations of my abilities to make copious amounts of stock. Getting ready for the Bris Style market last Saturday I thought I could make ten new cushions, sixteen garlands, five buntings, twenty new cards, ten LOVE and HOME banners and a whole manner of others little bits and bobs that are in my head. However, in the time I allocated,  and at 11.00pm on Friday night I realised that I had to be happy with five cushions and eight garlands. Ah, you have to be happy if you achieve small goals, and then you may have to move the posts arounda bit.
I will be loading these onto Etsy when my slow computer allows me.
Great Barrier Reef

Quack, quack
But I won't be loading this lovely red one, it is sold, but I thought it was worth a squiz.

This Sydney cushion turned out very well. It is backed with a cotton brown and white striped poplin, and looks very masculine and clean. I noticed a few blokes picking it up at the markets. Perfect for a 'man cave.'

I am in love with this cushion. It is pure cotton and more of a twill tablecloth weave. I bought the tea towel from an Antique Fair. The pom poms are vintage as well. They are nice as they are not perfect spheres, but irregular and full of character. (As if a pom pom can be full of character. Ye gods! )


  1. Oh Nicki they are beautiful well done.I too am drugged by the PC and blogs lol I wish I had your willpower tho xx

  2. I agree with Nelly, you must have an iron will. I thrive under pressure, but never get the high-quality result I crave when I rush projects. However, we are always our own harshest critics, you have real talent - that delicate balance between art and craft. I would love to have these cushions scattered around the home I own in my mind. Well done!

  3. Nick, I've yet to see anything you've made which I haven't LOVED. Like Luce I'd have any of those in my house, especially love the cockatoo (or is it a galah? *Dredges up insults she learned from Neighbours*)Could you possibly move to London and do a fair here? Pretty please?

  4. great work Nick, and great willpower. I could sell so much more in my eBay store If I stayed focused on the eBay Tab of my computer and not the blogs and the other wonderful things I find to read.



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