Monday, July 11, 2011


I had a good run of op-shopping in Casino and Kyogle last week. Packed the car up good and proper! The oppy gods dictated that I was to find chairs and stools which was OK by me, as I have some plug ugly stools that I got as a temporary measure only, from the two dollar shop about ten years ago. I wanted to mix up some styles and industrialise the decor, and these little beauties fell in my lap.
The little stool has a fabulous original starburst patterned vinyl.
I love finding original labels. Somebody must have been very lazy, there is the original yellow sticker of the manufacturer on the leg, Kenstead at West Ryde, and this foam label sticking out of the cushion.
I also got two of these from a garage sale for $1 each. Bargain baby. They need to be cleaned and stained, and are only vinyl but I am happy. Ofcourse I would prefer an original Featherstone, but until then...
 I am playing with Sophie and ATG. My computer is playing up again and it looks like I can't comment, though lordy I have tried. No wonder I try to keep away from it!


  1. Lovely & inexpensive finds! I'm envious of those two stools, I've been wanting to place 2 rickety kitchen stools for ages, haven't come across any neat vintage ones yet. :(

  2. I love your new chairs Nick. And that label. Oh. they just don't make them like they used to (I can't bring myself to say 'em) Sometimes I buy things just for the labels...

    ps I feel myself getting sucked-in to the vortex again...your drug references ares spot-on!

  3. lovely chairs. how come you decide upon finding a thing, and then you go out and do it? beats me, you know... the finds are amazing!

  4. Woo hoo great stools and charis and what bargains.I hope you can comment soon its getting ridiculous with blogger isnt it?

  5. oh that starburst vinyl is WOW, love it.♥

  6. Yeah, that starburst pattern on the red stool is killer and the chairs have all kinds of potential!



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