Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Putting Weigel's on the map!

You may remember my recent post about Madame Weigel's patterns.They were my first listings in my Laughing Duck Vintage Shop. (actually they are my only listings....I just haven't had time to list anything else)  Anyhoo, since discovering her her, I have gone beserk! Libby from Bessie and Maeve contacted me and she had begun a collection of Weigels patterns on  Vintage Patterns Wikia.

We are committed to documenting as many Weigel patterns as possible. We both think that it is so important that this part of Australian history is retained, particularly as it is contained within the 'women's realm.' Historically sewing has been an outlet for women's creativity as well as being practical and economical. Plus these patterns are really, really rare, and are in danger of being lost forever if they aren't documented, collected and cherished.

 A whole new world has opened for me! I am like a pit bull, snuffling my way through boxes of paper patterns in opshops. I have contacted a couple of dealers here in Lismore and they are happy for me to upload any of their patterns. The patterns from today are from Christine at Gleanings, Star Court Arcade, Lismore. Christine speaks vintage language, and I love visiting her and her clothes. They are mostly childrens costumes and toys, all in excellent condition, factory folded. The stock would have been pre 1963, and with decimalisation (is that a word) a price sticker was placed over the old price.

I will regularly post patterns I find to spread the love of Madame Weigel. (I think it is pronounced V-eye-gel.)

Maybe everyone can ferret through their stashes of patterns and see if they have any Weigel's luking in them and post them to Vintage Patterns . Also, I just found an interesting article suggesting that these patterns may be worth alot more than we are selling them for at the The Money Manager.

 I won't be listing these for sale, they are going back into Gleanings, and Christine doesn't have a computer (quell horreur!) If anyone is interested in these to purchase, you can contact me at my email address.


  1. They surely belong in a museum for everyone to admire? Very special, and incredibly heartwarming little snapshots of the past. Makes me feel that all women should be proud to be prioritize creativity and family.

  2. Oh Nick I sell hundreds of knitting patterns on eBay, and some sewing patterns, I know I've had lots of Mde. Weigel in the knittings... I'll check and see what I have in by boxes of sewing ones, and if I kept any scans of the knitting ones.

  3. I never look at patterns Nick, but I will from now on...any Weigel's I find will be coming your way!

    ps I love that you and Libby are committed to doing this, I think it is very important to take special care of old things that might otherwise be thrown away. Well done x

  4. Nice work Nick! I've never seen anything like those Weigel's before! The page is growing...thanks for all your hard work :-)




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