Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lotsa frocks

I have been busy of late. Painting the house, cleaning the house, lying around in the house. I don't seem to have done anything very constructive. Of course I have been opshopping as well. I have PILES of stuff. Methinks it is becoming a very serious problem indeed. SO serious, that I have decided that I have had the cheap thrills of collecting my treasures, and now I have to get rid of them.

I won't show you the  pics of the piles of debris I have collected, it is a bit too negative, (and one must remain upbeat!) but, I have got some pics of the dresses that I am starting to shed, like a chrysalis in a cocoon. (but seriously, I have to make some room in my life or my collecting will overwhelm me)
 I have begun to list my finds in my Laughing Duck Vintage Shop. Daisy my Formomatic Dummy was kind enough to lend her services. True, her breasts are a bit too pointy and her bottom looks like a Gibson Girl silhouette, but she does the job pretty well. You go girrl!!

It is a time consuming process. Thank goodness I am obsessed with vintage, otherwise it would be a chore.
If I was living in the big smoke I would do markets, (if wishes were pigs horse would fly), but I will give this Etsy store a go until the fun wears off.
RRRR, my comments are still not working, sorry all...I feel like an awful snob, not being able to reply. I have tried deleting my history and cookies, but to no avail. Maybe it I restart my machine...or give it a chocolate. Maybe that will make it happy. Grumpy ol' thing! 
I am playing with Sophie and Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. You have the same disease as me then!! Its good and its bad too wouldnt you agree?I hope you sell lots of things at etsy.Shame you cant comment how frustrating you may have to contact the blogger people?
    My problem is I did the networked blogs to facebook for my blg but cant get it to syndicate and I dont get a reply from them naturally!
    anyway if you ever want to email you know where I am xxx

  2. Loving the dress with the check skirt or is it a 2 pc? looks very nice either way, black one is pretty too, would be hitting you up for a shop if wasn't leaving the country on Monday!

  3. The second dress, the blue sleeveless one is my cute.
    I have problems with commenting too on Internet Explorer. It comes up with 'annonymous' in the 'Comment as:' bit.
    If you change your Comment Form in settings-comments-comment form placement, to 'Pop up window' you should be able to comment on your own blog.
    To comment on other blogs you may need to download Mozilla Firefox (which I did) or others have had success with Google Chrome; if you're not already using them already.
    Hope this helps. x

  4. The shop's looking great Nick! I caved in and started a blog, come and say hi! Will post about Madame W soon too x

  5. if only I could pull these dresses off like Daisy!

  6. Nowt wrong with pointy boobs! I must cull my wardrobe soon, sadly it's all crap which doesn't fit me, rather than vintage loveliness.



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