Thursday, July 14, 2011

A purty rug

Last Monday I mosied on down to Byron with a girlfriend for the NV New Vintage opening. We stopped on the way at Lazy Bones in Bangalow and found the purtiest rug I have ever seen. (Am I channelling a dead cowboy? Speak to me Coyote Jim, speak to me!)
It is by Kaffe Fassett, called Bed of Roses and this picture does not do it justice. It looks like a 21st century Axminster. Massive pink and orange roses on a blue background. It was big enough to put in the middle of a lounge room. The shop assistant laid it on the floor for us, and we were all gobsmacked by its beauty. It was truly food for the soul.
I  am currently  yearning to eclecticise and feminise my home. There is too much brown and masculine cowpoke stuff. I reckon this would go quite well with my minimalist mid century clutter. It is also, spookily the colour of some my sculptures that I have scattered around the place.
I want to mix things up a bit. (I feel) that it would be  very witty, a statement of  unique individuality (mine), a juxtaposition between styles...however, my husband hates it with a passion. He thinks it is the ugliest thing on this God's earth! Also, unfortunately, the price would take food from our mouths...and more importantly as I am as cheap as chips,  it goes against the grain to pay full retail price for anything.

If I can't get it for a bargain, it is simply not worth buying. 


  1. That rug almost looks like you could smell the flowers! My home is too brown, in fact - I don't like anything in it at all!
    I know how I'l LIKE it to look, but the actual house is all wrong. I was sure by now I'd have enough money to buy a quirky old house and fill it with weird and wonderful things. Something went very wrong...

  2. I love Axminster carpet. Alot. I have seen some amazing examples while looking at houses for sale (in Tasmania...not buying just looking!)If we bought a house with Axminster it would never be removed. Stuff the floorboards underneath! We have an Axminster hall runner that I bought for five bucks at a swap meet, I know you'd like it too Nick. You can't have it though. Ha-ha. We have that brown grown-ups t.v. room...I've kind of gone off it too, but don't tell my husband! x

  3. did I spell Axminster incorrectly?
    is it Axminister?

  4. I think you are right...axminster, yes I googled it. It is 12.00 what are you doing online!



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