Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Form-o-matic Daisy

I have finally got around to making my cardboard lady. I had left her a little long in storage and she had begun to have some discolouration. I should have resealed the box, but I was a  lazy Daisy.
I made her to a Misses size 12, and she looks pretty tiny.
She took about three hours to put together and gave me the dry rots towards the end.
Fitting the torso and the bum together was so frustrating, I nearly took a knife to her.
Her first dress is this amazing apple green bridesmaid's dress. I have named the dress Joelene after the Dolly Parton song. It is so bad it is good. The sleeves are fabulous. It would look great on a 'bright young thing!' Now I have Daisy finished, I will try listing some clothes in my Laughing Duck Vintage shop on the weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you've put Daisy together Nick...even though the process sounded almost as bad as putting something together from Ikea! She looks lovely in her green dress...wish I was still young enough to carry off a dress like that!
    My youngest daughter has a "Happy Days" school dance tomorrow (an attempt by her school to keep the girls modestly dressed. Ha!) She is wearing the most gorgeous aqua 50's dress from the States...I'll post pics (when I get around to blogging again!) Hope you're well xxx

  2. Oh how I would have loved to wear that dress to the park with a pair of Dr Martins about 20 years ago! Size 12? Really? Looks like size zero to me. Your patience is enviable, I'd have given up after half an hour - well done you. x

  3. Isnt Daisy wonderful I bet she was glad she didnt get knifed lol

  4. Wow - what a colour! Anyone wearing that would really stand out from the crowd!

  5. Love the form-o-matic. That dress really is so bad it's good!

  6. Daisy is now oh-so-beautiful after looking so flat for so long.
    WHAT kind of best friend would expect you to wear THAT colour just to be her bridesmaid??? OMG it is really really O T T.

  7. I once owned a Daisy, in the 80's. Wonder what became of her?

  8. I love Daisy (although I'm glad I don't have to put her together). I'd really like one of those - would make Ebay (and blogging!) so much easier. Jolene is a fantastic song, the bridesmaid's dress does look rather as though Maid Marion should be wearing it - just accessorize with a bow and arrow!

  9. hiya- have to confess I bought a Daisy Dummie some years back and putting her together actually beat me completely! (Yes I know, so WHO was the dummie!)

    In the end I dismantled her as best I could and sold her on eBay!

    have a good weekend



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