Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ballerina Brooches

I have a godawful head cold and so have been sitting on the couch for two days with a box of tissues and a laptop. I thought I would list some of the jewellery pieces I sell at the markets on my Made It store. Now , I am not a jewelley kind of gal. I wear my Oprah necklace (because I have constructed all sorts of meaning around it), my wedding ring, and diamond earrings that my husband replaces every year as I loose one of them. That's it, no fuss. I don't adorn myself. I really can't be bothered.

Having said that, I started making jewellery for my market stall, because frankly, it sells. It fills in the gaps and gives people an opportunity to spend 'a little bit' and not feel guilty about it. (They haven't got a problem with self adornment)

These are some little wooden ballerinas brooches attached to re-purposed tortoise shell belt buckles. There must be a little bit of 'shabby' deep inside me, trying to claw itself out...even though I am  more of a mid-century kind of girl. They look very sweet on though.

They all have different names. This is  Miss Gertie and Miss Ivy. I wanted to make them look Art Deco-ee, and also give them a bit more substance. I got a few bags of the rectangular belt buckles at an op shop in Sydney when I went to see Oprah. I am kicking myself I didn't get more. They had hundreds of them...and ofcourse I erred on the side of caution.

 This is Bertha and Myrtle. Altogether, there are ten in the series. These ladies have a bit of grunge and attitude to them. I have made up a story, (as I usually do) and they are all prostitutes working as dancers in Paris, or is that the other way around...dancers working as prostitutes or should I say courtesans. Nah, they are downright scarlet women, trying to eek a living in the bright lights, big city that is Paris in the 1920's. Most probably they all ended up in the gutter, toothless hags, forever reliving their youth, just like Fergie.


  1. I'm a bit like you Nick...sans jewellery usually. I wear my wedding ring, watch sometimes and a couple of bangles when I really want to finish off a look. Ha-ha!
    I do like your brooches though, love the belt buckle idea and the girls names...wish my name was Myrtle instead of boring old Kylie!
    Poor Fergie.

  2. Oh Nick I love them I so wish I could come up with an oroginal idea but seems I must look at everyone elses.
    I wear my gold hoops gold 3 rings (2 wedd and engagemts) on one hand and a silver one on the other (was a gift) one silver bracelet from daughter and one gold one (is broken again tho) and thats about it on occasion I will wear something from my collection but I am lazy.
    Do you sell the girls at etsy?I think I want me one.
    Id like one called Violet or Rose or Pearl lol

  3. What a great idea for using buckles - love the dancers - they do have a saucy look about them! I've got the cold at the moment too - hope you recover soon!

  4. I have come back to oggle your ladies and say I hope you feel better soon as I forgot to say that earlier xx

  5. Hi Nick,
    Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. It's great to meet somebody who 'gets' me, this happens so infrequently I often feel a bit of a loner and a weirdo . I'm really looking forward to getting to know you more.
    I wear jewellery very occasionally, but it distracts me so much I usually take it off. I'm not married, but if my partner and I did wed, I'm not sure how I'd cope with wearing a ring every day, I'd have to have a cheap ring because I manage to lose huge things, so a ring would be impossible for me to keep track of!



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