Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tassie Trip -Lovely Launceston

I know it has been a time since my last Tassie post, but time is kind of immaterial on the net, and you can imagine the trip has just happened.

Okay, we decided, as we had such a long, long drive to get to Bicheno on the east coast, (dark green thread) that we would skip Launceston and hit the 'frog and toad.' However, luck would have it that we couldn't get out of Launceston! We missed all of the arrow signs and drove in a continuous circle for twenty minutes. Luckily I spied some nice looking shops so we eventually decided to get out and experience the culture...and look at a map.

Lucky that we did for I stumbled across the lovely 'Content' in Brisbane Street. Malinda Lancaster is the owner of this busy little shop, and she was nice enough to look at my wares. (Yes, even on holidays I take my little brown case, put on my Tinker cap, and hawke my wares!)

So now, some of my Little Golden Book buntings and Vintage Garlands are available at this wonderful little shop. Pop in and see Malinda if you are in couldn't find anyone more friendly and welcoming. (Sorry I have no pics, the shop was busy, and it felt a bit rude and pushy to take photos...hopefully Malinda will send me some)

Next stop, Malinda recommendeda visit to my dream shop, Nanna's, tucked away in Coulter Arcade. I will let my pics show you the vintage gorgousness of this little cafe.

Being a foody, I am a bit fussy, but their Melting Moments bickies were bliss, pure bliss baby! I could go a plateful right now. (I tried about ten different MM throughout Tassie, and these won, hands down)

I took a picture of them as we found that there was a disturbing new trend in Tassie. People were taking photos of their meals...everywhere. At high end restaurants, low end cafes, it was all very weird. Ofcourse I had to jump on the bandwagon. Is this a Tassie thing, or is it happening everywhere?
 Needless to say, I haven't been able to get Nanna's out of my mind, and would gladly travel again to Tassie for experiencing their pretty pastel tablecloths and crockery, wonderful vintage clothes .... and mouth watering goodies.

The rest of the day was drive, drive, trees, drive, trees...Sparky wouldn't stop and let me take any pictures. Typical male. We were on a mission, we had to reach our destination, and which meant one toilet stop between Launceston and St Helens. Lovely battered fish at the Blue Shed. The owner was the kind of foody geek we were seeking, but unfortunately, we had to keep on drivin'...


  1. nanna's looks lovely Nick...I could live with that blue bench in my kitchen p-r-e-t-t-y easily!

  2. oh that is a lovely Cafe! you mean you missed The Gorge in Launceston.. a very pretty spot well worth a visit (next time!). I also loved St Helens and Bicheno. Thanks for keeping on with your travelogue, I cant travel at all at present, so love to go on other peoples holidays♥

  3. Yummo, I could share a plate of MM's with you right now. Am off to put the kettle on. xx F

  4. I want to go there! I'm very fussy about what I'll drink out of! Looks fantastic!

  5. oh wow! i want to go to nanna's! it's so cute!



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