Monday, June 13, 2011

Laughing Duck Vintage:My new store!

Well, I did it! Stayed up until two o'clock this morning, watching a brilliant Joan Crawford movie and loading vintage dress patterns onto my (fanfare) new vintage Etsy store....Laughing Duck Vintage. I woke up this morning, bright and early and found that I had already had a sale! Is that a good sign or what!

I was actually going to do a post on the item that sold because I found the designer's story so interesting. So sold, regardless or not, I will tell you about her.

B & W photos from here
This McCalls pattern was designed by Pauline Trigere who is cited as the designer for Patricia Neals wardrobe in Breakfast at Tiffanys, although Edith Head officially takes the credit. (I have heard this often about old Edith, a bit of a bully methinks)

 Pauline doesn't seem to be perfect either. She designed classic, elegant clothes, (sometimes plain to the point of abstraction) for the likes of the Duchess of Windsor, but was a total control freak, trying to dictate to her buyers the decor of their shops, Her son, blames her for the failure of her business,

She was before her time, practicing yoga before it became fashionable, standing on her head every morning to "bathe her brain." Still interested? Have a look at this Fabulous Dead Peoples and Archive Vintage sites for more info.

I tell you that I know about her, I am rueing the day that I sold the pattern.


  1. How wonderful a store and a sale Its on my list to do soon since FB isnt showing much love but least it was free not like E(swearword)Bay lol.How are the fees at etsy?and I love the name too xxx

  2. oh I'll pop over and check out your store today. Well done on a sale first day! I've spent the weekend sorting my stock so I know what I have for Market Stalls and for eBaying..

  3. Fantastic - a first day sale! Hope every day is as lucky.

    Great name too x



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