Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Animals on the Farm

We have had a few new arrivals on the farm lately, which is giving me a shameless opportunity to segue to some self promotion for my Little Golden Book banners.
We woke up yesterday morning to a new member of the family. This little fella (or girlie) was a complete surprise. It's name is Fungus as it is the colour of a mushroom. So cute! Calves are so lovely when they frollic.
We never seem to realise when our two cows are pregnant and little bundles of surprise regularly arrive. This picture was taken a few hours after it was born and we were glad to see Fungus was up on its feet and looked healthy. The last calf was born by the silly mother into the dam. My husband (Sparky) had to haul it out, which was very difficult as they are deceptively heavy. It didn't help matters when the stupid mother charged Sparky once the baby was on the bank...and he had to jump into the stagnant dam again to escape. Needless to say, we haven't been near this calf.

Another baby is this White Headed Pigeon. Its mum and dad built a nest on our pegola, about a metre outside our door. They have a gorgeous cooing sound and are very elegant to look at as adults. This baby is about three weeks old, and still an ugly duckling. She left the nest a day after I took this picture. I think I freaked her out, poor darlin.'

Baby number three was this poor little Tawny Frogmouth. It is not an owl, but many think it is, and I am not helping matters by including a picture of and owl into the post, but what the hey, anything goes when one is shamelessly advertising.

I found it on some rocks in the orchard...pretending to be rock. Normally they spend the day in our Silky Oak tree camoflauged next to the trunk. After two days on the ground, I knew that something was wrong, and took poor little Pebbles/Bam Bam ('cos it was pretending to be a rock, ha-ha) into the vet. Luckily there were no broken bones, but it was very thin and weak. It barely weighed anything at all. They have passed it onto a WIRES carer, who will fatten it up and release it back to us  so it can return to its family.


  1. Another reason why I want land still after all my years of waiting.Love your buntings too I have more buntings to make on my list.Must get started soon.Hope you are staying warm down there after a week of gorgeous weather we have been hit with cold cloudy days just in time for my campers to head north and freeze while camping and fishing,So glad I am at home lol

  2. sing out if you ever need any GB's Nick...I love your bunting and all your real baby animals too...sounds idyllic up/down (?) there on the farm x

    ps didn't "get" your comment today?

  3. Aw - lovely photos - the little calf looks so cute! Love your bunting - very nice!

  4. How lovely to be surrounded by so much nature - fungus is cute (odd sentence to write!)

    Your banners, as usual, are lovely.

    If you check all your comments you should see a message from me re: the swap - I just found it. It's on a thrift share Monday one about a week and a half ago. Can't link in the comment field.
    It was tricky to do the Southern Hemisphere types but I did find you someone - honest!




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