Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hessian banners

I am often asked to make custom items by customers. Sometimes it is a variation of what I have in my online shops, sometimes it is a completely new item.

Lovely Kate asked me to make up a 'Sweet Love' hessian banner for an engagement party and Kathy has asked me to do a 'Photo Booth' for her wedding. Normally I wouldn't have done them, there are quite alot of these on Etsy but...the engagement party banner was a bit of a rush job...the shop in the US that Kate had picked was on holidays, and from the look of it, shipping for 'Photo Booth' was $30.

So yesterday I spent and lovely morning screenprinting these new banners. I had such a great time. I wish I had majored in  printmaking instead of sculpture, it was so theraputic and calming. I know they were just letters and not art, but the process was so happy making!

I have decided to open a Made It shop for these banners, primarily for Aussie sales. I have done a bit of research and there doesn't seem to be anyone doing them here. (saying that I will receive a hundred angry comments from people who make them here in Oz) I have decided to carry stock...the US shops seem to take about two weeks to make an order. I haven't thought of a name yet...most probably  Number Five Shop!

If there are any word combintations that you think may be popular, please share them withl me. I assume that I will be targeting weddings, so I was thinking: love, I love you, Mr & Mrs, just married, sweet love, love love love...


  1. ♥OPEN♥

    reversable may be an idea for a shop window banner?

    If I had a shop, I'd like that.

  2. they are fab, love the photo booth one, what about sweet sixteen, 18 and twenty first etc, i will buy a sweet sixteen for rc even though from blending a family with four girls, three of which were 16 a few years back sweet is not an adjective i would have used freely!

  3. These are striking, really simple yet very eye-catching, and 'unisex'. If it were for myself, I'd want "HOME SWEET HOME" so I could display it year-round.

  4. They are brilliant Nick I bet the recievers are stoked.



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