Sunday, June 26, 2011

Very Busy Little Black Duck

No op-shopping this week, just head down, bum up, and make, make, make!

I have been so busy this week! My oh my! I dropped off lots of new bits and bobs at Little Polli and the Blackbird, here in Lismore...stuff that I never have time to list on Etsy, or indeed photograph for my blog.

 If you are local, pop into Sharon and and her mum Rosie's lovely little shop. It is choc a bloc full of goodies and with clothes that they make in the store. You can see the whole process, from cutting to finishing, which is very special and connects you with the the product, making it a very personal experience.
 I have also been talking to Nicky McLaughan and Victoria Spring about their new shop, NV due to open in Byron Bay next Monday, July 4. I will be stocking them with my purty vintage garlands. I can't wait to see the store. When Nicky described it to me, I had visions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in my mind!

Just by chance, Victoria's house in Mullumbimby has been featured in this months Women's Weekly. How about this for eclectic.
A drum for a coffee table, Mid Century Modern table with an antique embroidered shawl, casually  flung over it, topped off with a chandelier!

When I got home after visiting at Victoria's house, I cast a very critical eye indeed over my quite stark and minimalist abode. "More character sweetie!" I muttered to myself under my breath, in full Eddie mode. Flinging my arms around wildly, I yelled (to nobody but moi) "Your home should reflect who you are, don't be afraid sweetie! Don't be afraid!"


  1. The shops look like havens of loveliness (sweetie), bet your stuff will sell out quick smart. Love the idea of a drum for a table - genius!

  2. I will certainly have to pop in and check that out! Goods news about the Byron store too! Where is that going in? Hope your feeling much better, I wasnt allowed to reply last time I tried but know what you mean about old and gold last year-it was a bit rubbish compared to the year before but this year was quite good. Its getting so busy up there though and you would probably see most of the stalls around the markets anyway.
    Cant wait to see your vintage Babylonian Gardens, and so jealous of that pad!



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