Saturday, June 18, 2011

Like Moths to a Flame

Here are some more bits of jewellery that I have on my stall at the markets. Wood Moth necklaces on a brass antiqued chain.
In a falsetto voice, aka the lover of Bridget Jones mother on the jewellery informercial, "Attached to their wings are little drops of vintage beads,  like shimmering droplets of water on gossamer moon kissed wings."

 "Will you be the bright light, the flickering flame of beauty that attracts these desirable creatures?"

Yes, I think I could be a copywriter. I am feeling it! They are available from my Made It shop. Flutter by!


  1. Nick, these are beautiful. really. and that's coming from someone who you know doesn't wear (or even like it very much) jewellery x

  2. They are gorgeous too Nick.I emailed you I hope you got it.

  3. those are pretty wings, nick. it's all about wings these days up here anyway. funny...

  4. These are beautiful! Scarlett x



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