Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to work

I have finally got back to work this week, after my 'little holiday'. Miraculously, the pain stopped sometime last week. One day I was in pain, the next I wasn't. Most peculiar.

Custom orders are now being taken for my hessian banners. I am presently slotting in Monday as my main screen printing day, so custom orders will need to be given by Sunday night. They should be sent out by Friday of the same week. Contact me at to discuss your specs. Ofcourse I also carry stock of most of the other banners I offer. They are available in my Facebook Store and my Made It store.

I don't think I ever put this photo on the blog, although it was on Facebook. The banner ordered by Red Wagon Events was LOVE SWEET LOVE. Doesn't the table look gorgeous?

I have been a busy little Miss today. I have actually sat down and attempted to learn a few Facebook skills for the new look FB.   New shops have been added to my updated facebook page. One is an etsy link,

the other is a facebook shop just for my hessian banners. As you can see, I have just discovered the Snipping Tool as well!

Facebook is amazing. Within one minute of officially launching my hessian banner shop, I had a sale, within 20 minutes I had a couple of enquiries. I was very timid about the whole Facebook phenomenon, but it looks as if I will have to commit some time every day to it from now on.

Onwards and upwards! I am off to do some screen printing.


  1. Check you out! Firing on all cylinders and pain free - brilliant.
    You'll have a super productive phase now, look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

  2. Hello Lovely Nick, I'm thrilled to read you're feeling better. Awesome news x

    So does all this facebook malarky mean you're going to be blogging more regularly? Hope so.

    Drop me a line sometime x



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