Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vintage tea towel cushions

I stayed up 'til one in the morning the last Sunday making new cushions for Bangalow Markets. I thought I could make ten...I made three.

Backtracking, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to pre-wash this stash of mint, vintage, irish linen, tea towels. But...tests conducted in our lab found that there was 2-3 cm shrinkage in them, so into the machine they went. Ye can't have puckered pillows can ye?

Now today, I have to photograph them properly and weigh them, then list them in my online shops, as well as cutting out some more.  I was thinking of sending the whole cushion through the post rather than just the cover, and tying them up with brown paper and string. So many decisions. I need a cuppa.

Thought I would play with My creative space today...they have moved!


  1. They are gorgeous, I love a good tea towel cushion cover.
    Before a market I always write a list of things I want to make with the quantities. I don't think I've ever completed what I set out to do!!!

  2. They're beautiful Nick.
    (I received my Penelope Durston t.t. cushion in the mail that way - it made a lovely fat parcel)

  3. These are beautiful, well done! A big squashy parcel sounds good to me! :)

  4. I love these! Well done, they are really lovely.

  5. Gorgeous colours and prints - I love a good tea towel. And yes, I too over estimate how much I can get done at any one time, especially at 1:00am:) Cyndy

  6. They are so gorgeous. And yes, I agree with Kylie and Pippa, a big fat squishy parcel would be a delight to receive.

  7. ooh I would buy, do let us know when they're in the online shop :)



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