Thursday, September 20, 2012


I get obsessions about things. In particular TV and book series. I suppose it started with Enid Blyton and the  Magic Faraway Tree. Then onto the Bobbsey Twins,  Malory Towers, Trixie Beldon, Ann of Green Gables , the list goes on….you get the gist. In truth, I live in a fantasy world.

My current obsessions of the last couple of weeks has been “Call the Midwife” a TV series based on the books of  Jennifer Worth, narrating a Midwife's life in the post war East End of London, which includes as a character a large Pukka girl called Chummy. I have ordered all of the books on Amazon because I simply MUST have them!

On the other end of the scale, “BreakingBad”,  is the story of  struggling, cancer riddled school teacher who, for the love of his family becomes a meth cooker. His off sider is a former student, meth user, homey dude, called Jesse.

Pretty diverse, what! Unfortunately I become immersed in characters...I pull them apart and unconsciously adopt their mannerisms. (My husband and  I recently read the "Game of Thrones" series and we drone "Summer is coming" to anything that bodes ill)

When I become immersed in said characters, anything is bound to happen. I talk the talk, I walk the walk. It is unfortunate when they merge to become one entity, like some kind of Sybil, multiple personality mutant.

It all came out in the email I was writing to somebody (nameless) who knew nothing of my obsessions. She had done me a professional favour. So, what did I write? Certainly not, "Thanks so much for your assistance." That would be too corporate...too banal. Instead I wrote, and I shall put it in capitals, because it was so ridiculous, that most would not believe it, and it must be exclaimed...I wrote, "YOU'RE A BRICK, YO!"

I will say it again. "You're a brick, yo!"


It belies belief.


  1. Hi Nick,

    I watched Call the Midwife last Sunday for the first time. Cried like a big sook over the lovely old man who got turfed out of his council flat. Chummy is so funny - loved her awkward flirtation with the copper. Their first date should be a hoot! Will def be watching again this Sun.

    (husband += huge Breaking Bad fan)

    Thinking about you yesterday Nick and then you pop up on my reading list today. Hope all is well.

    I'm hunting for my Bobbsey Twins this weekend. I wish I had a Dinah (and did as a kid) All that delicious food she churned out! I used to salivate over my childhood books when food was mentioned. We were of the strictly three meals a day with only an apple inbetween for snacks kind of family. I was always hungry!)


  2. i've loved chummy. of course i've also loved miranda, and sometimes she does shine through a little... hee hee.
    call the midwife is hopefully to be continued, don't you hope?

  3. haha! i love getting obsessed with new things. i had to do a speech for a class in college and describe myself in one word. I chose obsessed because i too can chart my life through what i was obsessed with at the time.

    we just started watching breaking bad and i love it already! i haven't seen call the midwife, but i've added it to much list. looks like something i would love.

  4. This is completely me. It's really embarrassing when my husband and I come out of the cinema after seeing a film, I tend to be talking in the same way as the characters - whether it's the King's Speech or Eminem in 8Mile!

    I get totally obsessed with books too, to the point of seeking out fan fiction. Tragic.



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