Friday, August 24, 2012


I have branched into making cards in a mad attempt to create my "Re-purposed Empire."

As well as Little Golden Book images, there are pics from Ladybird: Learn to Read Books, and great retro photos  from a 70's Boys Own Annual.

They are all sewn (very, very neatly) onto the card. (One must ensure the handmade element is present!)

My favourite has already been sold, but it is such a great image it deserves to be seen. It is from a Ladybird book, The Miner. The person who purchased it described it as homo-erotic!

The buyer asked me why I din't just photocopy the image and sell hundreds of 'neck-ed' men. I had to explain about a little thing called copyright  and also the preciousness of the actual vintage object, knowing it came out of a book that was handled by children learning to read....about memories and the different papers  and inks (made of heavy metals) used.

It was no use. If the image had been photocopied onto card at Officeworks, I think the buyer would have bought it for a higher price.

Which has got me thinking. If I want to build an Empire, I might have to compromise...but hopefully not too much.

I will leave you with one last card, from "The Miner"...which is quite amusing given my latest 'activating' interest. For those who can't see it on the screen, it is a picture of  coal seams beneath the surface.

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  1. hey there, great cards you have here :) I also stitch attach to my cards, and source all my pics from old half destroyed books and I think the one of a kind is much more appreciated and worthy vintage than multiple copies. Yes sometimes printed looks more professional than the humble 'handicrafted' But I think there are more people wanting that something a little bit more special and individual. With mass production being less of a turn on, I encourage you to keep on with one of a kinds atleast for the sake of saving paper & preserving the history of the image you have found.



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