Monday, August 13, 2012

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

I have been absent for a while, but now have decided to return to the world of blogging. After a few years of putting your life out there, you start reflecting on the need to blog...Is it necessary? Am I blogging for myself, or for those near and dear to me? Is to create a record of my life? Do the numbers of 'friends' matter? Is it a competition? Is it loneliness, or am I trying to get attention? Should I be more 'professional' and treat it as part of my business? Who cares anyway?

I have come to the conclusion that I am a mere grain of sand on the beach of life. Not important to most, so why not do what I want to do...not to over think the whole thing but just to do it, and enjoy it!

The catalyst of all of this navel gazing was my husband moving away for work, a few months ago. He only comes home once a month, and it has become one of the most difficult things that either of us have done. In truth, I have wallowed in this misery, but it is getting a bit time to pick myself up by my bootstraps and move onwards and upwards!

During this 'down' time I have been listening to a lot of 'old timey' music, Appalacian and folk, especially the original recordings of the Carter Family. One of my sing-a-long favourites is "Will you miss me when I'm gone."

Picture this, a beautiful winters day in a lush green valley. Birds are chirping. Cows are mooing. A car appears on the road. At the wheel a woman, hair awry, tears streaming down her face as she sings at the top of her voice. Her face is contorted in despair. The most pathetic thing in this picture is not the tears, but the complete inability to sing in tune to the music! (That is why I sing in the car, it is like a vacuum, no one hears!)

PS. For those who listen to the song, yes, it is about a dead person...but I have never let anything get in the way of some good old fashioned 'drama queen' behaviour! In fact 'drama queen' is my middle name!


  1. She's baaaack and long may her blogging continue!
    Who care's why you blog Nick, I'm just happy you do. I myself blog to keep up to speed with my spelling which had gone to pot and to form the bloggy version of friendships with people like you who I'd never get to meet in real life.
    Now should that be who or whom? Ummm?

    Catch you tomorrow?

  2. yay! you are back! (and i'm behind in my reader, ha!). i go through a blogging crisis a few times a year myself, am i too self centered? do people want to see this? then i remember that i like it because it is fun, and i like looking back and i like bloggy friends. i also love old mountain music like that. so beautiful.



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