Monday, August 20, 2012

Retarded carrots

About a month ago it rained every day here in God's Country...but now, we have glorious sun shiny days to warm our winter chilled bones. I have ventured out into the garden once more...

Last week I harvested all of my carrots. Because my seeds didn't take, I had cheated and bought a couple of punnets. Although I was really, really careful with the roots, ensuring they were straight when I placed them into the very well  prepared soil, I am afraid it just wasn't enough. I know now why the experts advise not to grow carrots from seedlings.

Some of them seem to have their own personalities. The lady on the bottom left looks particularly coy! Geez,  I will be looking for images of the Madonna or Baby Jesus in these veges soon!!!


  1. They remind me a bit of The Elephant Man. One definetely looks like a hand.



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