Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cheese please

It is my theory that people collect their memories, and I am certainly living up to it. My mum had a full set of  black and yellow plastic Nally Ware cannisters. (She also had the complete spice gorgeous!) I loved them wholeheartedly, as I love yellow and black. Sadly, they are long gone, but not in my elephantine memory. Ofcourse, as a result I collect, (when I can afford it) yellow and black 'stuff.'

This little cheese container is hopefully the first of a complete black and yellow cannister collection. However, it is Gayware, not Nally ware. The yellow is alot brighter and the and font is different. Chalk and cheese. Ha, ha ! If it grows to any great size, I am buggered where I will put it...I have no room...but...I...MUST....COLLECT!!!

Pop over to Sophie's to checkout other obsessions.


  1. Oh yes those Nallyware containers - there was a half complete set in every beach shack you went into back in the day! Good luck with the collecting - who cares where it will go - the fun is in the chase!

  2. ha! I so know where you are coming from. A blog friend recently sent me my favourite little golden book from when I was a child that made my heart swoon. i have a set of similar style canisters that my Dad picked up for me at an auction. they are salmon/orange coloured and white...not sure what make though. too cool

  3. I agree with the sentiment... I too collect 'stuff' from my childhood which was many years ago too many infact. Pop over and have a browse if you have a few moments in the day to spare. Have a happy Sunday
    Beverley xx

  4. lol, you know.... and i totally agree. we do collect memories, it's too funny. i've learnt to photograph the memories instead of compulsively buying them... it doesn't always work.

  5. I agree too, we do collect memories of our childhood.
    I love finding things and doing the "Remember when"...
    Have a great week

  6. Wow, you're the second blog I've visited from Her Library Adventures Flea Mkt. post that has found Nally Ware. Hmm, wonder if it's a sign that I'll find some soon and should pick it up? Love yours; it's very cheery!

  7. Hi Nick love your Gayware piece. The yellow and black is truly snappy. I know what you mean by "must collect", it makes me sad to think that the abundance of such items back in the day means a lot of these nifty items are now landfill. "Keep Collecting" I say.



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