Friday, October 15, 2010

Native beauties

Still busy making garlands for orders and the upcoming BiEco Market. I have moved on from making my Around the World garlands (atlases and encylopaedias) to Waltz with Me garlands (music). I found this marvellous little picture, torn from a book, tucked in between the pages of  a book of  "Beethoven Sonate per Pianoforte". Very Brownie Downing (please feel free to correct me)

My rules for these garlands are quite simple. The sheet music must be pre decimal currency. Many of the classical sheets of Beethoven, Bach and Brahms I use have a lovely sheen, and excellent quality. They were obviously made to last.  I have also branched into the more popular music and show tunes of the time. I love the covers, and the lyrics are wonderful!

Pop over to Kootoyoo to see what everone else is up to.


  1. I love your garlands. Such a fabulous idea to use music sheets.

  2. i've seen many garlands in blogland, but never ones quite like yours! very cool.



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