Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Kyogle, or Ko-gal as the old locals call it, (family joke) is a lovely little town nestled up against the Border Ranges about 30 minutes north of Lismore. It has retained its 'old timey' feel, and when you visit it feel like you are stepping back, the old local blokes sit on benches in the street and say g'day as you go past, there are butcher shops (though these might disappear once the controversial IGA goes in) and the street scape retains its original 1930's architecture.

My husband actually grew up there and has a load of little small town stories, one of the most memorable being the time the nun dropped dead in front of his class of six year olds! Classic.

My daughter and I went to visit on Saturday, mainly to pop in on Maya who had the grand opening of her new vintage and gift shop, Plum Vintage. It was a perfect spring day, the sky was blue, the hills were green, the sun was warm and there was good music on JJJ for once instead of electronica. (Sorry I am getting a bit flowery, but I am reading Little Dorritt and being caught up by Dickens descriptive phrases). 

 It was lovely to see everything set up in the shop, and Maya was so excited. She even had a photographer from the newspaper there! The shop looked brilliant and ofcourse my child and I could not refrain from spending and bought a wonderful plaster dog and a little ceramic bird. They joined the absolute bargain we had bought from a garage sale coming into town, a big steamer trunk with original wooden trims. (I haven't taken it out from the car yet). And it goes without saying that Maya of of the good taste is also stocking Collecting Feathers garlands and bunting.

From Plum Vintage we wandered up to the markets. They were fabulous! The stall holders were obviously very proud of their produce and has great taste. There were little vases of flowers everywhere and lordy, we shared the BEST lemon marscapone tart in the world. The woman who baked it had the most delicious baked goods. I am still dreaming about them!

The beautiful old hall has been utilised to house market stalls of handmade and vintage goods. (My husband used to play indoor hockey as a kid in there. Imagine what they wrecked!)

The oppy across the road was great. Got a wonderful memory game and little vase, plus some more Little Golden Books.

Then we sauntered over the the rural store where they were holding a tomato planting information day. People were perched on hay bales listening to speakers, chomping on their free sanga's (sausage sandwiches) It was like a time gone by. The whole morning reminded me of my little journeys to the Blue Mountains in the early eighties, before all the money came back. Really homey and countryish without any pretension.

The folk in Ko-gal certainly have good taste and a lovely relaxed and confident attitude. Maybe it was just a moment in time that can't be revisited, but I am going to try. I just can't get that lemon tart out of my mind!


  1. Sounds like you had a beautiful day, great finds too!

  2. So thankfull that you came over to visit me at Plum. I am loving having the shop, cant wait to get there everyday to see what and who the day will bring!



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