Saturday, September 25, 2010

The path of righteousness

Well, I am five days back from my trip to Sydney, and just now, beginning to feel normal. I don't know how all those rock stars and 'A' listers do it. Too much excitement really knocks this little black duck around!

I had a fabulous time in Sydney. I hawked my wares at a couple of places and so have two new stockists to add to my list, Newspaper Taxi, Newtown and My Messy Room, Summer Hill. My floral pom pom Home and Love banners were a hit, so I am doing a big run today to fill orders.

I had heard about the utter gorgeousness of Newspaper Taxi shop, seen its fabulous blog, so I wasn't surprised by its lovliness, but what I was surprised with was the person who owns NT. Stefanie, who I had been emailing for a few months, turned out to be an old uni mate! 

I always remember a tutor telling our class that in future years, down the track of life, that we will find the people we went to uni with will turn up in our lives if we are all following our artistic paths. I kind of didn't believe her, as I retreated from that calling for a while, (like a nun in denial) but now I am on the path of righteousness, I find that it is true! (Yes, Big Love is my favourite series)

My Messy Room in Summer Hill was fabulous. It was lovely to meet Stav, who ofcourse knew Anika from Echidna Place here in Bangalow. (Again, small world) Her shop is beautiful, I could have stayed all day, poking and exploring...but serious op-shopping called. If you haven't been out to Summer Hill, take a trip. It is like a pretty country town, with a great vibe, great food, great shops.
Now I am off to my studio to make copious amounts of  righteous Pom Pom Bunting!


  1. I absolutely love your floral Home banner, it is gorgeous!

  2. Yay for you! I can see why your banners were so popular, they're ace! Enjoy your trip down the path...xo

  3. Your bunting is utterly gorgeous. Love the fabric you've used and the pom pom embellishment is genius!



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