Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy....freakin busy!

Aaargh!! I am trying to get all of my stuff ready for the market on Saturday, but I get distracted! I vowed I wouldn't sit down at the computer, and now look at me. One hour later, I decide to blog that I am getting distracted! Mmm, methinks I have a motivation issue.

I shouldn't have an issue,  as this week I got a brand new sewing machine. First newie in thirty years. The old Brother is still chugging along but it couldn't adapt to the vintage papers that I use on the garlands, so has been superceded by an Elna. I chose this particular machine with my male side of the brain, it was half price at Spotlight, and that was good enough for me. Given the use it will get, I should have put more thought into it but really, I couldn't be bothered. Nothing is made like it used to be, and the selling point was a five year warrantee!

So, as sooon as I finish this blog I am off to the studio to finish up on all of my garlands, cushions, bunting  and hopefully some doily jewellery. I am hyperventilating as I type!

Pop over to Kotooyoo and see what the other creatives are up to.


  1. Oh I love your bunting - beautiful! I know that feeling of oh so busy with market stuff, I'll just take a break and have a look on the computer and then an hour later you're still there wishing you could just get rid of the silly computer! Good luck at the market!

  2. the computer is an absolute trap, I've got to get off now & get some things done, it's just so hard not to stop by everyone on a Thursday! gorgeous garlands, I love them!

  3. lol same same distraction I'm currently up to you (66) on the creative spaces list and i should be getting ready for my fair the weekend....

  4. i love the idea that a bargain is using the male side of your brain ... i must be very male1 LOL

    your garlands looks so pretty and i so understand the getting distracted/side tracked issue. i'm feeling very sheepish right about now.
    My Creative Space

  5. I hope you got it all done! Have fun at the markets.

  6. I love your paper garlands. Computers are the devil's work aren't they (completely joking!)...well, mostly. Have fun at the markets.



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