Monday, September 13, 2010

Sugar, sugar

I spent much of the weekend making passionfruit curd and helping rob the bee hives. This in turn has meant that I had to buy a sponge cake slab and fill it with curd and fresh cream. (It lasted about 5 minutes) As the curd onlykeeps for about two weeks, we will have to find ways to eat it. To me that means cakes, biscuits, pies. I think we will develop diabetes!

yes, there is more

 We have so many passionfruit I have to find ways to preserve them, but all I have found are recipes for passionfruit curd and and apricot and passionfruit jam. The latter uses only half a cup of passionfruit, and as our passionfruit are ginormous, that equates to the grand number of two fruits used. It also uses dried apricots, and suggests using only Australian rather than Turkish apricots. Okay says I, I will do as Sephanie Alexander says. Twelve dollars latter, I have my superior Aussie apricots that will make up a couple of jars of jam (if I am lucky) that will in turn help me to use the grand total of two of my passionfruit. Hmm, my thrifty preserving habits don't seem very thrifty on reflection.


We rob the bees every year about this time, as the honey is really flowing. This year, was no exception and just six frames got us enough honey for the coming year. Last year I entered it in the show and came in second. (Okay, there were only two entries, but, and it is a big but, they told me that prizes aren't automatically awarded on entry. That is, if both honey's weren't up to par, no awards would have been given)


This year our honey looks a bit dark and not really very clear. I am not sure what the criteria is for judging, but the taste is delicious. Very fruity, with a little tang, not like the stuff you get in the shops.


  1. Hi

    You can scoop the passionfruit pulp into icecube trays, freeze them, and then tip them into a zip lock bag to use whenever you need them. Another idea is to make a passionfruit syrup, which keeps a while in the fridge to spoon over pavlova etc when you require it.

    Wish you could send them to NZ. I'd be happy to take them off your hands for you.

  2. Thanks Julie, I have frozen a bit of it, but I am in a quandry, electricity prices have soared here, which means we turned our big freezer off. I have no space! I could make a half a cubic metre of frozen passionfruit easy peasy, but at what cost! (Please note, I haven't even started on the lemons and grapefruits yet, at least I can make marmalades from them!)

  3. Passionfruit curd - great idea. Our vine was really productive last year but I love them so much I just eat them fresh with a teaspoon. Will restrain myself and do some curd this year.



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