Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turquoise or nothing!

My creative space today has seen me travelling all over the Northern Rivers in a mad quest for turquoise felt. I am just finishing off some name banners for three lucky little kidlings ready to be sent off tomorrow,  and the one colour missing from my 'pallette' was damn turquoise.

You would have thunk that Spotlight would have it (or would you, they never seem to re-order anything!!) But no, I tried every $2 shop, and every haby type shop in Lismore. I think I became quite deranged. I began accosting people I knew without any pre-emptive "Hello, how are you" etc., and blurting out, (I may have screamed manically) "Have you got any turquoise felt!!" Did I shake them by the shoulders? I have no idea, everything is a blank.

Lismore was a bust, so I drove to Casino. Ditto. I was a bit disheartened, although I did purchase a few little bits and pieces to buck me up.

Driving back home I remembered a little fabric shop on the highway. Eureka! Tucked up the back were four pieces of turquoise felt. I grabbed them up like a mad woman, taking them to the counter and began uttering gibberish to the older (bloke) serving me. I told him of my adventures trying to find the felt. He didn't care at all! Just took my money and looked at me as if I was crazy! The indignity of it all! Doesn't he realise how important turquoise felt is to me?!?

Anyhoo, I have just finished the letters required and will finish the banners tonight. What a relief.

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  1. You intrepid crafter you! That poor deluded man, he obviously has no idea.
    Glad it all worked out in the end, and hey, those cases were worth it! x

  2. Blame the cases - they were obviously calling to you (attempting turquoise felt distraction). Since you have the felt and can breathe easy, they were kinda worth it!

  3. Wow, Creative Space is right! I popped over from Kirsty's blog and I'm so glad I did. Everything looks terrific over here. I'll look forward to many visits. x

  4. isn't that always the way ... you need something absolutely specific and it's impossible to find it. but at least you seem to have a nice time looking. the banner looks lovely.
    My Creative Space



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