Thursday, August 26, 2010

A bit of relief

I have been making garlands 'til they have come out of my ears or actually my neck. This is because over the weekend I have developed a massive pain in the neck from some kind of pinched nerve because all I have been doin is repetively making garlands!

So today I am giving myself a break and after some good sales yesterday, permission to make some tea towel cushions. They are a comfort to the eye... I  tell you that Bob! Yessiree! These will go up to Brisbane next week to the Bris Style Martkets. (Yes I am flogging this a bit, but I am tres excited!)

I originally thought the fish themed cushion would be a good idea for Fathers Day, but everytime I mention it, I just get bemused and amused looks, shakes of the head and tut, tut, tuts. Oh, I can but try.

These other cotton calendar tea towels are for a custom order. It is going to be very difficult cutting into the 1969  tea towel, but hey, at least it will be on show all the time instead of being shoved in a drawer, or used to dry dishes.

I am playing today with Kirsty at Kootoyoo.


  1. I get Tut tutted all the time too. Glad its not just me.

  2. don't you love the bright colours, I would have though the fish would have made an excellent and unique gift for someone's fish-mad dad.

  3. The plants on that 1969 towel are beautiful...

  4. good luck with the cutting up business... i understand the hesitating thrill.

  5. That fish one's a great idea for Fathers Day! Love it. Hope your necks feeling better.



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