Monday, August 23, 2010

Balance and abundance

I am the kind of person who can become fixated on a project quite easily. You could call it focused if you want to put a positive slant to this quality...or you could call it obsessed if you want to be...less than positive.

My recent 'focus' has been my collecting feathers label. I enjoy doing all the work (except photgraphs) so much I don't mind working into the night. My previous, obses...err focus was gardening. 

Yesterday, I realised that I hadn't gardened for yonks, and even though it is winter, it is no excuse. My garden should be looking fabulous darling! I should be out in the sunshine, on a daily basis, becoming centred to the universe and soaking up vitamin D.

It was a gorgeous sunshiny day, so I wandered up to the orchard and vege patch to pick the five kilos of chilli's on the bushes, and found the chooks had been having a wonderful time. It was a complete shambles! Mulch was everywhere and they had eaten all of my green barrier plants.

Trees were overladen and fruit, and citrus was everwhere. Sparky and I worked for half a day  and made a small dent in the debacle of the garden. We harvested so much produce that I will have to spend the rest of the week making jams, sorbets, curds, sauces, cakes and pies. (What do you do with 50 leeks?!?)

I have decided that I have to conquer this focused nature and become a more balanced creature (she said blogging st 8.30 on a Monday morning and thinking about making more garlands this morning).

In the arvo, I allowed myself the time to make some 'Hearts and Flowers' galands. I use vintage hankies (presoaked in napisan!) and vintage music handcut into hearts. There are some hankies that are so old and lovely  that  I am hesitant to cut into them, but I am also overcoming that foible. If I didn't use them creating something pretty, most would just be thrown away or be used for their original function. (I am too delicate to spell that function out)

The hanky on the bottom left, my favourite was from the early to middle 50's and made of superfine lawn, in aqua and red and a wonderful graphic of a flower cart.

Although I am not a feminine, girly kind of girl, I get such a thrill out of these fabrics and making these garlands. They are so purty!


  1. look at all that gorgeous produce!! nice to see those cute baskets being put to such good use..those fabrics do look so pretty, too..

  2. such a great use of hankies! I have never done anything with hankies before... I think it is time for an opshopping trip possibly to find some... :)



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