Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Auction Hell

I didn't do much op-shopping this week as I was committed to making items to fill orders, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I also knew that I had, pencilled into my diary, the Tweed Auctions,  Antiques Auction on Saturday.

I was all geared up to go. I knew there was a lovely Parker coffee table to be had and a pile of retro baskets that had my name on them. I imagined daily, the bargains that were going to fill up my car.

I got there early, made my list with my coded messages next to each number (just in case somebody looked over my shoulder and saw my I am wont to do!)

The auction started off well. I got my pile of baskets. (I am sure I am before my time on these, as no-one bid against me, or maybe, the floral contact was too much for them!)

It started going downhill when I lost the brilliant pressed crocodile skin gladstone bag to the dealer, two people over, and plumeted, when I thought I could get a Tretchikoff type print for twenty bucks and it went for $160! (I don't think it was Tetchikoff, it was of a bare breasted tropical girl)

image from here

After that every thing I bid on went for over a hundred dollars. While I was gasping over the Poole Aegean vase that went for $140 (I thought I would pick it up for $50, tops) I missed the other Tretchikoff print that went for a song. (I am not sure how much, but I heard the gay dealer next to me exclaiming how cheap it went)
Image from here

I had to stay until the end of the auction, the Parker table was called in the last hour. I thought I would go as high at $60....bidding started at $60! I re-evaluated. Bidding was fierce going up in $5 increments. I thought  had a chance. The adrenilin was racing.I looked over to the dealer I was waging war against when I hit $150. He just smirked knowingly. I folded. The table went for $160. I looked on e-bay this morning. The same tables were $300 plus! I could have got a bargain...but I was too cheap to part with my money.

Why do I think I can find a bargain in this day and age? Is it because I have turned into a cheap rag and bone picking type person, one step above a dump rat? Or...have I turned into a dump rat!

Anyhoo, the day was exhausting. I was wrecked when I got home at four. I had to take to my bed with a couple of cups of tea and some granita's. I felt like me old Nana. (All I needed was a box of Cadbury Roses under the pillow, the TAB guide and a transistor radio)

I think I am going to give up the bargain hunting for a while. Bargains are few and far between. I will from now on pay a fair price for a fair item and my bargain dreams can be put away.

Pop over to Sophies for some more finds.


  1. Your baskets are brilliant I love them - you did good there! It can be hard to find a bargain these days but every now & then the timing is just right! Auction's scare me, you were brave even to bid!

  2. I haven't tackled the Auctions, way to frightening for me. Those baskets are great.

  3. it's good to be before your time...
    and for what the rest of your adventure is concerned : you courageous woman to face an auction! i don't know how you do it. i'd die in a place like that. just reading about it, makes me go all funny. the stress, baby...
    hey, next time, you'll find what you want and need, at the right price. it just wasn't meant to be. not in the auction room anyway. maybe the op shop? :)))

  4. It does sound scary. I guess it's hard to bid at these things when you're up against "experts" who know the market value of what they going for. I agree with the others that you were brave. The baskets are cool though.

  5. At least you made that dealer pay more than he wanted to. Good way to drive the price up when you know you'll be outbid no matter what.
    It sounds like some of those people were bidding with OPM (other people's money) so the limit was not important to them.
    I used to enjoy auctions but now feel they take up so much time. I'd rather stand in line for a good estate sale and take my chances.

  6. Oh I so empathise with you! It's a jungle out there now, everybody wants in on the act! I'd say you're miles ahead with those baskets with summer coming on! Love your post! Hope you find more treasures this week, the thrill of the chase usually get's me every time ;-)

  7. I love that you are 'before your time' - nothing like having the confidence to say this is way cool and no-one is competing cause they ain't cool....YET!

  8. Well its just as well I wasn't there, there would have been a bidding war for those baskets, seriously it would have become urban legend between the dealers the day those two dotty ladies went head to head in a bid to call those nanna baskets their own ha! enough to warrant a bex and a good lie down:) well done Nick they are absolutely DIVINE!



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