Friday, August 6, 2010

Boo Hoo, boo-hoo

I have been trying and trying to get with the times and do the facebook thang! I am on my 6th cup of tea for the day and very close to reaching for the vino.

I have tried to add a link on this page, and I think it has finally worked. My internet is a very slow satellite connection, so all you lucky ducks (with good connections) out there imagine the massive conniptions I am having trying to get things going. I truly believe I am on the way to a coronary!

I am still trying to work out what one does when on the Facebook page. Do I say "I like this" on other peoples pages? Does this make me a friend?

I won't swim against the tide, though I refuse to get a personal page. Saying that I think I have had to keep an old facebook page to make my business page. However, I don't want people going there, I want them going to the Collecting Feathers page, and so I made up a name. (Jane Wood, Jane for my middle name and Wood because I used to love Woody in the Bay City Rollers when I was a wee tacker!)

But, to make it more confusing, when I am somebody's friend, it doesn't come up with my business page, but my fake name.  When I attempted to change it back to my real name, Facebook blocked me! GRRRRR!

I am just going round and round in circles.

From what I gather, you just continually promote yourself on it. Is there a way for me to link my blog postings to automatically post on Facebook?

Please, anyone, if you have any advice for me. Please give it. And if you care for my well being make a presence for yourself on my page and I will attempt to reciprocate.


  1. Try this:
    and this:

  2. Hey Nick, hope all is well. Still trying to get the hang of blogging....Im sure Ill work it out eventually :)



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