Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cubby Bunting

I took a heap of pics on the weekend of a bunch of Little Golden Book bunting that I made last week, ready to be loaded onto Etsy and Made It. I have a new pennant shape that is especially good for the books that carry large illustrations.

Shown is a Three Bears from the 70's. Lovely saturated colours of blue, pink, and lime green, taken on the kids old cubby, complete with a the target for shooting practice. Hmmm, photography  is very challenging to me.

Like the porridge, most of the bunting is gone!!! It has been sold before I can even get the time to sit down and upload it to Etsy and Made It. Aahh, at least I have the pictures to keep as memories!


  1. I love your use of the little golden books! Brings back so many memories...

  2. Hi Nick, I love both your bunting and vintage cushions. Thanks for the well-wishes.

  3. Congratulations on all your sales! And I think that first picture is fabulous...really good.

  4. I think every opshopper is guilty as charged, not that anyone wants to look like margret thatcher (the name looked familiar, though I did have to use wikipedia) :)



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