Friday, August 13, 2010

A room of my own!

My baby boy moved out of home last weekend. I became very emotional for about an hour or two, (you have just got to move on) but then set about cleaning out his room, so it could become MY SPACE!

I wasn't sure if I could fill the 6m x 6m space...but I have.

This space started out as a living space, kitchen/bathroom/living,  when we were building our mudbrick house. We slept in a leaky old 60's caravan. The kids didn't mind sharing a bed, the lights filled up with water and we were pretty happy. It then became a garage, then a junk/storage facility, then an art studio, then a bedroom for a growing boy and now has become my Collecting Feathers Studio!

Although I have cleaned and scrubbed really really well, there is still that Teen Spirit/man/boy/bourbon smell that permeates. But that doesn't detract from my enjoyment spent in the space. It adds a little bit of pathos, yes, a bit of reminiscence of my baby turned adult, but I finally feel completely comfortable doing the stuff I do and "being" there, outside and away from the rest of the family.


  1. What an amazing space - you lucky duck!

  2. Looks gorgeous! even empty: so lovely and bright and LARGE and will be awesome once you have turned it into your studio!
    I want one!!



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